Nishant Tiwari

About Me 

It has now been seven years since I am exploring my ways in the world of New Age technology. In all these years, what is my favorite thing in the whole world? I would say my keyboard! If it’s a war, I got my code as the skill and my keyboard as the weapon. When I was a kid, I wondered what it would feel like to be a hacker. I kept feeding my curiosity in the bits and pieces. I was getting introduced to new things every day and over time. All this passion has made me targeted towards my main objective, that is, to learn everything which is out there about computer. For now, I have got a good grip over Python, JavaScript, C, and C++. I think the main reason for my motivation is that I strongly believe, if you keep your mind clear and devote yourself to pure learning, there will come a time when your own reality will get surrounded by your self-made uniqueness.


Email Bomber

I created an email bomber that is fast and easy to use and you can spam emails as much as you can and this tool is used for sending large volumes of email to an email address in an attempt to overflow the mailbox.




Python Programming for Beginners [Full Course]

This course will help you learn the Python programming language and its core concepts


Certificate Generator

Certificate Generator is a program that generates thousands of automatic certificates in just a few seconds.


GHUB-INFO is a program to find open-source info about any GitHub profile Like (followers, stars, following, country, organization, etc) you can also download exe of this program from here


Age Calculator is a GUI based program to calculate your age on other planets


A simple image search app using React and this React application will use API from pixabay website to give free images to users

Cryptocurrency Converter (with the team)

Convert various famous cryptocurrencies to other currencies with their real-time value. Visual representation on currency comparison of past 10 years through graph Get trending news about various cryptocurrencies